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Chasing a starlight*

...until the end of my life.

23 May 1991
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prison break, lost, grey's anatomy, private practice, house, 30 rock, desperate housewives, pushing daisies, v, how i met your mother, glee, the big bang theory, chuck, gossip girl, fringe, dexter, csi, bones, brothers&sisters, battlestar galactica, caprica, breaking bad, weeds, true blood, californication, charmed, moonlight, sex and the city, ally mcbeal.
house/cuddy, juliet/sawyer michael/sara, will/emma, chase/thirteen, derek/meredith, mark/lexie, addison/pete, cooper/violet, wilson/amber, orson/bree, tom/lynette, bree/lynette, ned/chuck, rufus/lily, liz/jack, dexter/rita, peter/olivia, grissom/catherine, booth/brennan, lee/kara, adama/roslin, eric/sookie, leo/piper, mick/beth, miranda/steve, ally/billy, ally/larry.
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kill bill, the lord of the rings, sweeney todd, moulin rouge, fight club, harry potter, the dark knight, the 10th kingdom, donnie darko, the nightmare before christmas, sleepy hollow, conversation(s) with other women, bridget jones's diary, satc: the movie, mamma mia!, the hours, american history x, american beauty, a single man, matchpoint, scoop.

grey's anatomydempeo
obama ftw!!!
ned/chuck <3